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Grape Dosi V2

     Manufactured by: Cannarado Genetics

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Grape Dosi V2 is a really cool and fantastic cannabis variety that smells extremely strong like very sweet hashy fruits - this blend of the legendary Do-Si-Dos V2 and the Grape Pie BX is ideal for indoors and outdoors. Even beginners always get perfect plants with these regular cannabis seeds, Grape Dosi V2 is definitely one of the best DoSiDos crosses on the whole market! If you are a real cannabisseur who is searching for the best terpenes, then you should definitely have this fantastic strain of Cannarado on your list - Grape Dosi V2 is a real killer strain of the best quality!

Cannarado Seeds

Cannarado Genetics has worked with the cannabis plant in every way, from feminized to regular crosses, they've done it all. This breeder has an enormous experience in crossing strains and producing the finest cannabis seeds in the world. By using elite strains from Colorado and clone only plants from all around the world they now have a superb palette of amazing crosses. Cannarado Genetics offers incredible good strains like Altar Bread, Sour Sundae, Birthday Cake or Party Foul...

  • Model: CRS09
  •      Manufactured by: Cannarado Genetics

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Cannarado Genetics

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