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Cinderella Pineapple XX female

     Manufactured by: Brothers Grimm

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Pineapple XX is a great and very fast growing creation by Brothers Grimm - the feminised seeds of Pineapple XX were made with the aim of being as close as possible to the original C99 with the infamous pineapple aroma. It is a cross of the phenotype 'Cinderella 99 Pineapple' with the regular C99, a delightfully fast sativa that smells so strong it's like the room is a pineapple juice plantation. Pineapple XX was created to satisfy all those nostalgic growers who remember the "original Cinderella 99", which is more sativa-dominant compared to the current Cinderella, offering an incredible pineapple aroma. She is easy to grow and best suited for indoor plants, but also offers great results on patios and balconies - this really is a fantastic sativa for lovers of sour tropical pineapple.

Bros Grim: originaly founded in the year 1996 by Mr Soul and his partner Sly, Brothers Grimm always provided the cannabisworld with the best quality of cannabisseeds and top quality hybrids. Mr Soul was (and still is) well known for selectively backcrossing, inbreeding and producing the best hybrids but suddenly he had to stop producing and selling the seeds. This was the year 2002 as Bros Grimm locked their door but the important seeds and the clones were all alive over the years till he made a relaunch in 2015. Together with Duke Diamond, the Brothers Grimm Seedbank is back again offering their superb strains that all smell just perfect, you can find deep bouquets, fruits, sweet bonbons and intensely tropical terpenes in the genetics. We are realy happy to offer Apollo, Rosetta Stone, C99, Green Avenger and Grimmdica at our onlineshop.

  • Model: BSG23
  •      Manufactured by: Brothers Grimm

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