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Soul Food

     Manufactured by: Bodhi Seeds

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Soul Food (Pinesoul x 88 G13 Hashplant) regular cannabis seeds bring the ambitious gardener ingenious smelling plants that are relatively easy to grow and perfectly suited for indoor gardens and greenhouses. Soul Food offers a great flavour reminding on sweet, spicy earthy herbs (from the 88 G13 HP side) that are rounded off with a touch of OG Kush (from the Pinesoul side). Soul Food is also a variety for inexperienced gardeners who search for high-quality genetics - this type of marihuana is really good and ideally suited for the real cannabisseur.

Bodhi Seeds is a family owned business that produces seeds in organic methods, many grower who are searching the best genetics should have a look at BodhiSeeds, you can be sure to get incredible good cannabis plants when you grow these marijuana seeds. The Bodhi Seed-Company is one of the most sought after breeder because of the fine genetics that this enterprise has in each strain that is produced. At Bodhi you can find highquality hybrids, landraces and Heirloom – order Bodhi cannabis seeds here at the Cannapot Hempshop!

  • Model: BOD39
  •      Manufactured by: Bodhi Seeds

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