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White Fire OG Kush fem

     Manufactured by: BigHeadSeeds

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White Fire OG Strain - top marijuana strain

White Fire OG-Kush (aka WIFI OG) is a truly spectacular hybrid of the cannabis strains Fire OG and The White - this fantastic cross grows very quickly, so it can be grown very successfully both outdoors and indoors. The feminised Fire OG offers the spectacular and much-loved sour, very intense and almost earthy uplift aroma, while the legendary OG Kush rounds this off perfectly with the typically strong power and full flavour with hints of diesel. Many growers report that this flavour is also perceived as very creamy, making it a real delicacy.

The White Fire OG-Kush offers everything the Indica lover's heart desires, it is a type of cannabis that is well known and highly respected in US dispensary. The strain is extremely easy to grow, very energetic, it offers an incredibly high THC content, great citrus terpenes and also responds well to topping or the SCROG method. Even if you are looking for a reliable strain for small gardens and for a sea of green, White Fire OG is a very good option.

Big Head Seeds - Feminized Cannabis Strains Seed Bank

Big Head is a cannabis seed bank that collected over the last 20 years the best genetics from around the world to breed the finest quality strains possible. All their plants are the culmination of much research and exploration. Big Head offers nice strains like Gorilla Zkittlez, Headstone, Heavy Head and other high quality hybrids which are all very easy to grow, so they are recommended for all gardeners.

Big Head Seeds has been trying for many years to find marijuana seeds from all over the world to use for excellent crosses. Already since 1990, Big Head Seeds offers the best in high quality cannabis genetics, both indicas and sativas. This breeder brings the grower really good and very stable products for indoors, outdoors and for garden houses, and has been in business for over twenty years, so they have gained a lot of experience. The seed bank offers a wide variety of strains for all growing ranges, including great autoflowering strains like the very potent Trippy Gorilla Auto with wonderful flavour, or the superb Head Stash Auto of highest quality.

Bighead offers trippy strong and potent cannabis genetics

In the assortment you will find hybrids with great characteristics, a small but very fine collection of excellent cannabis seeds with absolutely stable genetics, very high quality. Among them you will find strains like Do-Si-Dos (a cross of Face OFF OG and the legendary Girl Scout Cookies), Bruce Banner or the indica dominant cross Chemdawg, which can be described as one of the real highlights of cannabis breeding. All seeds from the product range produce best marijuana quality, for hobby gardeners and commercial growers!

  • Model: BHS23FEM
  •      Manufactured by: BigHeadSeeds

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