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Freeze Berry Automatic fem

     Manufactured by: BigHeadSeeds

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Freeze Berry Automatic was originally an accident at Big Head Seeds - it was an open and not wanted pollination that created this massively great autostrain. It is the cross of a Blueberry X Ruderalis with the Big Freeze that offers an amazing powerful smell reminding on the sweetest blueberries you can imagine. These feminized seeds are very easy to grow, recommended for all environments and even grower without any experience will always get superb results!

Big Head collected over the last twenty years the best genetics from all around the world to breed the finest quality cannabisseeds possible. All their plants are the culmination of much research and exploration. Big Head offers nice strains like Bubblehead #13, Headstone, Heavy Head and other highquality hybrids which are all very easy to grow, so recommended for all gardeners.
  • Model: BHS7FEM
  •      Manufactured by: BigHeadSeeds

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