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Purple Punch x Lemon Drizzle

     Manufactured by: Barney

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Sale: € 32,20)

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Purple Punch x Lemon Drizzle is a botanical masterpiece, a very delicious cannabis strain with a great flavour profile. It is a beautiful blend of sativa and indica, with a slight indica dominance. Purple Punch x Lemon Drizzle smells explosively sweet, paired with a sour touch that is rounded off with nuances of earthy tones. It is the perfect flavour synergy for the senses. Purple Punch x Lemon Drizzle is easy to grow and perfect for indoor growers, outdoors you should have a sheltered and at the same time very sunny place to grow it well. It likes a lot of fertiliser, but copes relatively well with a little, and is definitely suitable for beginners.

Barneys Farm Seeds

Barneys Farm is a group of very experienced grower and breeders based in Amsterdam that are collecting many landraces from all around the world since the early 1980s. These cannabisseeds are the base for creating the very best and rarest strains for the customer. Barney's Farm cannabis seeds have won many international prizes, especially at the High Times Cannabis Cup they have always a lot of success. Strains like Vanilla Kush, Purple Punch, Pineapple Chunk or Dr. Grinspoon are just a few examples how good marijuana can be. They won all the prizes for the high quality and stability of its products and they are recognized world leader in the production of top quality seeds. If you want something real fine, choose Barney Farm as your favourite seedbank!

Choose your perfect strain - old and new cannabis seeds

There are many great feminized seeds available, popular strains for cannabis enthusiast like Utopia Haze (the best Sativa in the entire product range for the real cannabis connoisseurs), Wedding Cake, Orange Sherbert or Cookies Kush (a real cup winning strain, a mostly Indica that won the High Times Cup several time). If you search for the best feminized seeds or if you want to get the autoflowering seeds, Barney offers cannabis genetics with high THC content and also with high CBD content - this enterprise belongs to the best producers from all around the world. So choose your perfect feminized cannabis seeds to grow, and to harvest a highquality and exclusive cannabis quality that you will love!

You can be sure that Barneys Farm continues their work to offer the best cannabis seeds for sale, all the top-quality seeds everyone is searching for. The breeder offers new cannabis strains every year to make every cannabis enthusiast happy, you will find the world’s most popular strains for your cannabis cultivation. So buy your marijuana seeds from Barney, classic cannabis seeds as well as new marijuanaseeds! Buy cannabis seeds now online at Cannapot, there is no need to travel to Amsterdam to visit Barney coffee shop, all genetics can be found here at our seedstore.

  • Model: BFA114
  •      Manufactured by: Barney

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