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Amnesia Haze [Auto]

     Manufactured by: Barneys Farm

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Sale: € 20,50)

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Amnesia Haze Auto is quite possibly one of the most exciting releases from Barney's Farm - the long overdue and highly anticipated evolution of a true classic. The automatic genetics are stunning: a cross between Southeast Asian landraces (Thai, Cambodia, Laos) with a "splash" of Jamaican Haze strains, topped with Afghani-Hawaii genetics. Almost two decades ago, the famous breeder Soma Barneys Farm gifted one of its best phenotypes that forms the foundation of this awesome strain. Amnesia Haze Automatic grows taller than most auto strains, up to 150 centimetres, with sprawling, dense, lustrous olive green leaves covered in dense, orange hues! Very easy to grow, suitable for all environments with fantastic terpenes, a fusion with caryophyllene followed by myrcene and limonene and many more. It's a strain for both novice and experienced growers with a massive potency that really packs a punch...

Barneys Farm is a group of very experienced grower and breeder who are collecting many landraces all around the world since the early 1980s. Theese cannabisseeds are the base for creating the very best and rarest strains for the customer. This breeder has won many international prizes, strains like Vanilla Kush, Tangerine Dream, LSD or Dr. Grinspoon are just a few examples how good cannabis can be. They won the prizes for the high quality and stability of its products and they are recognized world leader in the production of top quality seeds. If you want something real fine, choose Barney Farm as your favourite seedbank.

  • Model: BFA96
  •      Manufactured by: Barneys Farm

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