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Pink Runtz Auto female

     Manufactured by: Auto Seeds

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Pink Runtz Auto is a mostly Indica that grows very fast and dense - it stays relatively low to the ground, and offers a classic Indica growth with fantastic results. The plant turns a lovely bright pink colour with a hint of orange, the intense smell is immediately reminiscent of sweet candy with strawberry and cherry flavours. This really great flavour is rounded off with a delicious, very creamy finish. Pink Runtz is easy to grow and ideally suited for terraces, balconies, greenhouses, guerrilla growers and of course also for indoor gardens, it is definitely a high-quality auto variety.

Auto Seeds BV - 1A breeder of autoflower seeds

Auto Seeds is a creator of finest autoflower strains in feminized form - this breeder is a true specialist of the finest quality auto flower seeds. All their autoflowering seeds are the ideal choice when you want to plant outdoors or in limited space, they offer a top quality and they are easy to grow. If you are a guerilla grower and you search for great harvest cannabis plants, this breeder ist the one you are searching for.

But also if you want high yields when you grow indoors or you also want a lot of high THC content: Auto Seeds BV certainly offers for sure the best autoflowering cannabis seeds on the market. All different products are feminized autoflower seeds, which means that you will get only female plants to start to flower automatically.

If you want autoflowering plants for your collection that are independent of light cycle and hours of light, check out this super great breeder - from seed to harvest, all strains created by Auto Seeds BV offer a great quality, fantastic autoflowers that do not care about photoperiod.

  • Model: AUT12
  •      Manufactured by: Auto Seeds

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