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Dreamberry Auto 5 fem

Manufactured by: Auto Seeds

€ 41,00
Sale: € 38,13
incl. 13% VAT

(=€ 41,00
Sale: € 38,13)

This strain by Autoseeds is a cross of the famous Blue dream and the super juicy Berry Ryder. Dreamberry is the perfect plant for scrog, performs great in small places and can be grown outdoors, in greenhouses and indoors as well. This hempstrain is smelling very intensive like a mix of flowers, berries and a slightly touch of spice. 5 fem seeds / pack

Creator of finest automatic strains in feminized form - Auto Seeds is a true specialist of the finest quality autoflowering seeds. All cannabisseeds are the ideal choice when you grow outdoors or in limited space, they offer top quality and they are easy to grow. If you are a guerillagrower, have a look at AutoSeeds, perfect and fast guerillastrains with best results and if you are a indoogrower you can take them as well, they are also ideal for indoorgardens. Every strain is crossed and recrossed over many decades to get the best automatic weedseed possible, so every customer can be sure to get seeds of highest order without spending to much money.

  • Model: AUT7_fem5
  • Manufactured by: Auto Seeds

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