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Fritter Licker

     Manufactured by: Archive Seedbank

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Fritter Licker is a fantastic hybrid created by Archive Seeds - the breeder has crossed the extremely strong and excellent smelling variety Apple Fritter with the legendary Face OFF OG, and created a breathtaking new cannabis strain. Fritter Licker is an extremely high quality mostly Indica that ripens fully within a very short time, it can be grown very well indoors and outdoors as long as the humidity remains moderate. The smell is heavy and intense and reminds of caramel and pomegranates, Fritter Licker is a real grenade with a bombastic apple smell!

The group behind Archive with the head named ThaDocta was founded at the beginning of our latest century with the goal to keep genetics alive and to distribute them to closed groups of talented breeders and growers. The seeds and also the cannabissclones were sold all across the United States and so this nice collection of medical cannabis is still alive. Years later, in 2010, ThaDocta founded the ArchiveSeedbank to sell all this great cannabisseeds all around the world. All the different strains offers very high quality, every type of hemp provides results over the average with super medical possibilities.

  • Model: ARC72
  •      Manufactured by: Archive Seedbank

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