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Honolulu Sweet

     Manufactured by: Ananda Seeds

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Sale: € 28,08)

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Honolulu Sweet is a mostly Sativa that grows very homogen, it is middle in height and also very easy to grow - the smell is floral with complex undertones of hops, chamomile and a slightly hint of pines. The very nice perfume is very unusual and outstanding, hard to desribe but really enjoyable. It is a cross of the (Dancehall CBD IBL x OTTO 2 F4) x Honolulu Haze Hemp #17 and it grows very fast, it does not need much attention to show its best. Even the most unexperienced gardener will always get superb results of best quality.

Ananda Seeds has more than twenty years of passion in growing, breeding and research for the best genetics. The breeder only offers originals and uncommons genetics grown in organic living soil, all strains are created 100% biological. The seeds are made in a natural way how it should be – Ananda Seeds uses male and a female plants to create the seeds as mother nature does it. Ananda Green is specialized in creating medicinal cannabis and cbd hemp strains - the goal: produce the highest quality, in order to guarantee satisfaction of all customers.

  • Model: ANA06
  •      Manufactured by: Ananda Seeds

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