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Sheberghan (Jowzjan Province)

     Manufactured by: Afghan Selection

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Sheberghan is a city that is located in the province of Jowzjan in the north west of Afghanistan. It is one of the rare strains that are grown in the depth of Afghanistan and not in the mountains, the elevation is only about 250m above the sea and the legend says, that also Marco Polo enjoyed this type of marihuana a lot. Growing this landrace is easy but you should check the air moisture because of its roots! It is a true highqualty strain that smells fantastic like sweet perfumes and flowers, an easy plant for indoors and outdoors. 

Afghan Selection - finest cannabis seeds from Afghanistan

The Afghan Selection around the manufacturer Baaba Qo is the enterprise of two local aficionados with an experience for over fifty years now – this breeder provides everything that Afghanistan has to offer in the big world of cannabis. The Afghan genepool is one of the best and most amazing on earth, you can find flavours that range from citrus, grapefruit, diesel, earth over pistachios to Skunk and Mango. The plants are also very nice coloured, the colours of all landraces are very impressive – they also have a great terpene profile! Afghan genetics are very "clean" and strong, long lasting compared to many new strains and hybrids. If you search for incredible good landraces you should have the Afghan Selection on your menu.

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  • Model: AFGS05REG12
  •      Manufactured by: Afghan Selection

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