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Mazar (I-Sharif)

     Manufactured by: Afghan Selection

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Mazar I Sharif is a incredible strong highquality landrace that is very famous for producing one of the best hashish on planet earth. Over many years this awesome type of marihuana has blown the cannabisseurs, the flavour is for sure fantastic reminding on sweet melons with spicy hints. It comes from the province of Balkh that ravaged by terrorists, dictators, communists and capitalists, but the famous Mazar survived it all and it is still there. If you search for one of the best indica landraces on earth, this one should be on your menu, Mazar-I-Sharif is still fantastic and worth a grow - highly recommended!

The Afghan Selection is the enterprise of two local aficionados with an experience for over fifty years now – this breeder provides everything that Afghanistan has to offer in the big world of cannabis. The Afghan genepool is one of the best and most amazing on earth, you can find flavours that range from citrus, grapefruit, diesel, earth over pistachios to Skunk and Mango. The plants are also very nice coloured, the colours of all landraces are very impressive – they also have a great terpene profile! Afghan genetics are very "clean" and strong, long lasting compared to many new strains and hybrids. If you search for incredible good landraces you should have the Afghan Selection on your menu.


  • Model: AFGS06REG12
  •      Manufactured by: Afghan Selection

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