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Numruz Kush

     Manufactured by: Afghan-Seed-Connection

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Numruz Kush is an easy-to-grow pure Indica that is originally grown in very hot and dry climates. It is ideal for beginners and experienced growers who want to grow their plants indoors, in greenhouses or on balconies and terraces. The flavour of this strain can be described as extremely strong and very sweet, it is one of the oldest types of cannabis from Afghanistan. Cannabis has been cultivated for many centuries in Nimruz and the Bagwa Mountains, one of the most traditional cultivation areas in the country, where the finest hashish has long been produced from the plants.

Afghan Seeds Connection - Landraces from Afghanistan

The Afghan Seeds Connection offers unique cannabis seeds, all of which come directly from Afghanistan and produce very robust and resilient plants. The genetics from Afghanistan are known worldwide for their excellent quality, and they are also very rich in tradition and have a very long history in the field of cannabis. These seeds are ideal for growing in different environments, they are very robust and also always offer the best quality, they are authentic landraces that come directly from Afghanistan. The Afghan Seeds Connection guarantees that the seeds have been produced without chemical fertilisers, pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GMO), they all come directly from the wonderful country of Afghanistan, where they have been used for centuries. So discover the original and extremely high-quality Afghan marijuana seeds - whether you are a beginner or an experienced grower, these seeds guarantee first-class quality and the best reliability.

  • Model: AFGSC04
  •      Manufactured by: Afghan-Seed-Connection

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