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Golden Tiger

Manufactured by: Ace Seeds

€ 11,00
Sale: € 9,63

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(=€ 11,00
Sale: € 9,63)

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This is a superb sativacross of a killer Malawimother with a selected MeoThaiMale. A great sativa smelling like ripped mandarin and ripped lemons, not hard to grow and for sure a great substitude for hazelovers.

This very nice and very experienced hempseedbreeder called ACE Seeds is located in spain and it is a group of cannabisseed lovers and breeders with much experience for breeding rare and supercool strains. ACE seeds has the responsibility to save all the important and unique hempstrains and to maintain and preserve the biodiversity. They are offering pure landraces, some great varieties which nearly disappeared from the market and nearly disappeared from our planet earth. Also A.C.E. is providing a big range of medical strains and female seeds which are very good as well.

  • Model: ACE11
  • Manufactured by: Ace Seeds

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