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High Priority fem

Manufactured by: 710 Genetics

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This multihybrid is very indicadominant smelling fantastic like a mix of citrus fruits, Skunk, wood, spices and mature cheese. High Priority (Big Bud x Skunk #1 x UK Cheese Elite Clone) is easy to grow and recommended for indoors, greenhouses AND (if you life in a milder climatezone) outdoors. It is a superproducer with a great power...

710 Genetics is a UK cannabis seedbank offering rare hempseeds as well as popoular feminized cannabis strains by breeders from US and the European Union. The seedbank has many very nice strains for sale like Somango, Shellshock, Tropical Berry, Old White Widow, C99 Haze or Fruity Widow. 710 Genetics cut out the middle man, bringing the customer strains directly from the breeder.

  • Model: 710_15FEM
  • Manufactured by: 710 Genetics

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710 Genetics

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