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Miscellaneous promotions for your cannabisseeds-order at Cannapot

Here you can find specials and promotions given by our breeders listed at our shop. If a breeder has a special offer, we hand it to you - so for example if producer XXX offers free weedseeds when you buy one pack of his seeds, you will get the ordered pack plus the free seeds. All informations about the special promotions can be found here at this page, so stay up to date and check this page from time to time. In addition you can find our specials when you click here - or just have a look at the section called 'Specials' in our shop.

You can also find the latest cannabisseeds we have on stock for a purchase if you click on the section 'New products'. We are regularly updating the product-range, so check it from time to time that you do not miss anything that could be quiet interesting.

Please note: all promotions and special offers are only available for onlineorders, while stocks last.


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Wappa 5 fem
Wappa 5 fem
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Jedi Glue 12.50 € ~ 1 d
SFV OG Kush 10.50 € ~ 1 d
Granddad's Lavender 6.00 € ~ 2 d
Blueberry OG Wreck 5.00 € ~ 2 d
Granddaddy Purple 7.50 € ~ 2 d
Glue Cookies 20.50 € ~ 2 d
Grüne Brille 20.00 € ~ 3 d
Sour Lemon Haze 41.00 € ~ 3 d
Bella Ortega 28.00 € ~ 4 d
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