Terms & conditions Affiliate-System Cannapot Hempshop

  • First of all this page is only available in english at the moment...sorry about that, a german version will come soon in future... but the most important thing is now:

    Are you interested in earning some money? Do you have a homepage, a blog or a forum and you want to get some money? Then check out our Affiliate-System at Cannapot. Our system lets you promote and make money on every client you send our way. So every customer who comes from your side and who orders some seeds at our shop gives you cash.

    You can put a regular link, a banner or a directlink (directlink-creator available at the affiliate-backend) on your website and earn a commision on every order you generate at the Cannapot Hempshop. It is also possible that you have your own shop with deeplinks to our products to generate provisions. But please note that it is forbidden to copy the descriptions from our shop, so please use your own descriptions and link to our products.

    Before you think about using our system please check all terms and conditions. If you agree with them pleaseCONTACT USand we will tell you what we think about it. When you write us a mail please do not forget to send us a link to your homepage that we can have a look if this fits our prospects.


    The following terms of business shall apply exclusively for all current and future business relations between Cannapot and the client in the version in force at the point of order. Cannapot objects to the inclusion of any different terms proposed by the client unless Cannapot in writing agrees to such different terms.


    By providing their information and agreeing to these terms AFFILIATE requests enrolment in Cannapot's affiliate program. Cannapot reserves the right to refuse enrolment for any reason. Cannapot is not required to notify AFFILIATE if enrolment has been denied, or to provide any explanation.


    Cannapot does not wish to induce anyone to act in conflict with the law. All persons who purchase seeds are responsible for their actions in the future. Cannapot will accept no responsibility in this respect.


    Cannapot may provide AFFILIATE with links, banners, text, multimedia content, or other snippets (collectively "ADS") to use when promoting Cannapot's product(s).


    Our basic commission rate is 10%. But if you send us more and more customers we can offer you higher commissions, to help you make even more money! At the beginning we just try how it works and when everythings fine we can talk about increasing the rate.


    Cannapot will track referred users ("REFERRALS") on the basis of additional information added to the URL, and/or the referring URL. REFERRAL may be tracked using JavaScript, cookies, IP address, and/or other technologies. AFFILIATE accepts that tracking of referrals is inaccurate. AFFILIATE accepts that they may not receive credit for referrals who have disabled Flash, cookies, or JavaScript, or who in some other way interfere with the normal operation of tracking code. Cannapot may also cancel any transaction, including all commissions owed to AFFILIATE for any reason, including duplicate transactions, suspicious or fraudulent transactions, order returns, or incorrectly assigned transactions, even if the transaction was tracked automatically by the code.


    AFFILIATES may promote Cannapot's websites using PPC campaigns in various search engines. AFFILIATES acknowledge that promoting cannabis seeds may be not allowed or limited by various search engines and they run their affiliate PPC campaigns on their own risk. AFFILIATES must adhere to search engine companys Terms and Conditions. AFFILIATES are not permitted to use the Cannapot trademarks and website names and domains and in any paid search activity, whether this is in ad text, copy or display URLs. AFFILIATES are not permitted to bid or appear on keywords that include our trademarks, website names and their domains, as well as their misspellings. Examples of forbidden keywords: cannapot, cannapot seeds, cannapot.com, cannapot.at, cannapot.eu, cannapot hempshop, cana pot, etc.


    Cannapot will pay AFFILIATE commissions every month, after the 20th day of a month, for commissions generated up to the last day of a previous month. Affiliate must be owed EUR 100,-- or the minimum payout threshold selected in AFFILIATE's account options, to be able to receive payment. AFFILIATES can be paid by bitcoins, creditcard, direct bank transfer. All payments are in Euros.


    AFFILIATE grants that REFERRAL is the customer of Cannapot. Cannpot may attempt to sell additional goods or services to REFERRAL at any time, for any reason.


    ADS may contain copyrighted material, trademarks, or other intellectual property. Unless otherwise noted, Affiliate is authorized to use ADS and the content in them for the sole purpose of promoting Cannapot's product(s). THE AGREEMENT in no way implies an exclusive license to intellectual property, license to create or display derivative works, or a license to use any material for any purpose other than promotion of Cannapot's product(s).


    THE AGREEMENT may be terminated at any time by either party by notifying the other party in writing or via email. Upon termination Affiliate will be paid any commissions owed. Upon termination, Cannapot will no longer pay AFFILIATE any commission for visitors sent, even if Cannapot continues to track AFFILIATE's REFERRALS.


    Cannapot may change this agreement at any time by posting a new agreement here. AFFILIATE's continued use of the referral tracking system shall constitute agreement to the new terms. If AFFILIATE chooses not to accept the new terms, AFFILIATE may terminate THE AGREEMENT as set forth above.

    Still interested in signing up for our Affiliate-Program to earn some money?!? If yes, please use our contact-page or clickHERE. Please do not forget to send us a link to your homepage ;) ... when we have the informations we are going to check your page and if it fits our prospects we will contact you and send you all important informations.