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Cinderella 99 (the original)

     Fabriqué par: Brothers Grimm

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Cinderella 99 aka C99 de la maison des frères Grimm, produit par le légendaire éleveur Mr Soul. Après de nombreuses années, la plante la plus noble des Sativas est à nouveau utilisée comme plante de base. Cinderella 99 est l'une des Sativas les plus légendaires de notre planète. Elle offre un rendement exceptionnel, elle est facile à cultiver et elle est si puissante après une consommation intensive que n'importe quelle autre variété. Cette variété est très facile à cultiver, elle offre à chaque cultivateur des résultats exceptionnels et peut être cultivée à l'intérieur, dans les restaurants et même à l'extérieur, dans des régions très éloignées. Cela fait plus de trois ans que le projet a été mené à bien, mais cette fois-ci, il a atteint sa fin : C99 est de retour et nous, de Cannapot, sommes très heureux de pouvoir offrir à nos clients cette merveilleuse Sativa.

L'histoire de Cinderella 99 par Mr Soul en version originale:

In 1996, I discovered a few seeds in a bud of Jack Herer I bought @ “Sensi Smile” coffeeshop in Amsterdam while there to buy seeds. I didn’t expect much when I grew them, but one of those seeds from the JH bud produced a very special female that I call “Princess”. She had devastatingly psychoactive resin and stayed short, compact and had a heavenly aroma of tropical fruit and rotten meat. The scent given off by Princess, was unusual in the late 90’s - not at all skunky - she’s sweet and fruity. Someone passing by the flowering room MIGHT not recognize the scent as pot and mistake it for tropical flowers. When you rub the resin you can definitely smell it. The high of Princess is also more “psychedelic” or “trippy” compared to the strains like Skunk #1 that were popular. I always advised friends to smoke a LITTLE, wait 10 minutes, then think about whether or not you need any more…it’s easy to over-indulge and become paranoid. We can assume Princess’ mother was a Jack Herer not only because Sensi Smile printed it on the package, but also because I’ve smoked verified Jack Herer since then. So Princess’ father is a totally unidentified mystery plant – his pollen somehow got in Sensi’s growroom. Princess had two sisters join her from that same bud. I called them Genius & Café Girl. There were also 3 males from those seeds which regrettably, I didn’t preserve. Genius became the mother of the Brothers Grimm Apollo lines, while Café Girl gave us Rosetta Stone. I wanted to create a strain that would allow me to share Princess with others, but I wanted this incredible “Holy Grail” of indoor clones available to the world in SEED form. I decided to use a technique called “cubing” (because there are 3 backcrosses involved) to create the seeds. (See the FAQ for an overview of how the cubing process works) In the process of “cubing” Princess I wanted to add a little strength to her branches because the buds were always so heavy at harvest that the branches flopped over. To do that, I crossed a heavy-yielding, dense, resinous Sensi Shiva Skunk female with one of the males grown from same group of seeds that produced Princess (i.e., her brother). I then grew the resulting seeds to select a male to pollenate Princess to begin the cubing process. That select male was then crossed to Princess, creating “P.50” (using the shorthand notation I developed to indicate the fraction of Princess genes in the cross). Each generation is the result of crossing a male from the previous generation to Princess herself.

Here’s a blow-by-blow description of the generations:
P.50 = Heavy, single-cola type plants with mellow high (too much influence from the Shiva Skunk) Sweet fruity scent/flavor. Unstable in most traits – for example, 10 days’ difference in fastest/slowest maturation period in a group of 20 seedlings.
P.75 = Princess floral cluster and bud structure, scent/flavor turned more “tropical” like pineapple. The stability was becoming better – two major phenotypes; short & dense (potent too) or tall/HUGE (less potent).
P.88 = Renamed Cinderella 88 when first released on the market. It grows fast and produces excellent yields of FROSTY buds in 7 weeks! Generally uniform seedlings with minor differences in floral formation and some height variance, but the smoke is quite consistent from all plants – Dense, heavy nuggets of fruity scented & flavored (like wild berries) and covered in resin glands, the dried buds have distinctly ORANGE pistils.
And finally P.94 = Cinderella 99. The name “Cinderella” was chosen because of the parallels between this story and the well-known fairy tale in which Cinderella becomes a Princess despite her humble beginning.

Each generation exhibited a MAJOR jump in potency: P.50 was rather mellow, P.75 has a well-balanced body/mind high with a citrus flavor, Cinderella 88 is cerebral and paralyzing with a tropical fruit flavor, and Cinderella 99 is of course renowned for the fruity flavor and speedy, scary high inherited from Princess. Cinderella 99 yields are highly dependent on the methods used. Pruning style and number of plants/area make a BIG difference. Generally 1-2 lbs/kW depending on the grower’s style. This project clearly became a huge success. The strain has been embraced by the cannabis growing community. The smokers gave rave reviews & the breeders elevated Cinderella 99 to cult status. It’s extremely gratifying to me, MrSoul that so many hybrids were created by breeders who recognized C99 as a stable parental stock from which to build or tweak another variety. It’s a big compliment to me as the breeder, and a huge testament to the enduring quality of Cinderella 99.

Brothers Grimm: les inventeurs de variétés de cannabis légendaires comme Cinderella 99, Rosetta Stone ou Apollo sont de retour dans les affaires et proposent enfin à nouveau à la vente leurs semences diablement bonnes pour le jardinier. Fondé en 1996, le producteur a toujours proposé une gamme incroyable de graines de chanvre produites par le breeder Mr. Soul et son partenaire Sly. Malheureusement, Brothers Grimm a dû fermer ses portes en 2002 pour diverses raisons et pendant longtemps, on n'a pas entendu grand-chose jusqu'à ce que, finalement, Mr. Soul redémarre en 2015 avec Duke Diamond dans le Colorado. Pendant toutes ces années, Mr. Soul a soigneusement conservé les graines et clones légendaires pour relancer la production dans le Colorado. Les nouvelles graines de cannabis de Bros Grimm sont, comme d'habitude, en parfait état, offrent la meilleure qualité au monde et sont difficiles à battre - des graines haut de gamme pour les cultivateurs et les producteurs de cannabis.

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  •      Fabriqué par: Brothers Grimm

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