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Victory Kush

     Fabriqué par: Alpine Seeds

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Victory Clone x (OG.Kush-LL x Ghana Sativa) - the latest strain by AlpineSeeds. A stabile cross of the famous Victory which is a part of the well known Top44 or the the MagicBud. Easy to grow with high medicinal power - for sure a special cross because of the very nice Ghanasativa influence. 10 seeds / pack

This is a very experienced breedercollective called AlpineSeeds from Suisse and Spain using great genetics for breeding. Alpine Seeds goal is to breed strains which are not standard in Europe. Alpine Seeds is offering very nice weed seeds like OG Kush Lemon Larry, X-Dog, Victory Kush, Sweet Chunk as well as the fab Sweet Tooth. If you are searching for highquality hempseeds Alpine is the right breeder for you.
  • Numéro d´article: ALP_11
  •      Fabriqué par: Alpine Seeds

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Alpine Seeds

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