K.C. 33

Manufactured by: K.C. Brains

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A traditional dutch Strain - a cross of Thais and Brasils with a dutch "secretplant"! Can grow up to 3m and looks like a SativaXmasTree! A real sleeper... 10 Seeds / Pack

Traveling all around the world for searching cannabisseeds and marihuanagenetics since the year 1979. KC Brains is a well known breeder of finest regular und feminized hempseeds with a real big fanbase. Many of the strains are highly respected and grown from the east till the west of Europe: California Special, Afghani Special, Mango, TNR, KC33, Spontanica or Leda Uno are a few examples for great outdoorseeds which are not expensive but showing a very good quality. KC Brains is one of the old breeders with great oldschool genetics and real fine f1-hybrids.