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Banana Glue #4 5 fem

     Manufactured by: Dankonomics Genetics

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Banana Glue Number 4 (Banana Kush clone x Gorilla Glue #4) is for sure an absolute elitestrain of highest order – these feminized cannabisseeds produce large plants with incredible good and fat results. It is a mostly Indica that is great for all environments, you can grow Banana Glue indoors, outdoors and of course also in greenhouses where you can expect fantastic fat plants. The bouquet is a fantastic blend of US Banana, chocolates with skunky notes and touches of super Glue. If you want a fantastic strong type of marihuana, Banana Glue #4 is your choice – it is one of the best strains created over the years. 5 fem seeds / pack

This breeder called Dankonomics Genetics produces regular and feminized cannabisseeds for over two decades now. Dankonomic has been growing and breeding incredible good cannabisstrains with a lot of passion and over the years they created very good weedseeds with an amazing quality. All different strains offering everything a grower and collector is searching for: they are all easy to grow offering superb results and fantastic quality for sure. When you order these seeds you can be sure that you will get something real special and we are realy happy at our Cannapot store that we are able to offer these seeds now.

  • Model: DANK16FEM5
  •      Manufactured by: Dankonomics Genetics

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Dankonomics Genetics

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