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Jack Herer

Manufactured by: Homegrown Fantaseeds

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Sale: € 20,24)

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If you are a fan of the fantastic Jack Herer you will love this superb hybrid created by Homegrown Fantaseeds - this hybrid grows much faster and is much easier to handle as the original Jacky! This is for sure the right plant for Sativa- and Jack Herer lovers who search for the ultimate Herer-flavour.

This breeder is located in the Netherlands and is the winner of different prices for example in the year 1998 at the High Times Cannabiscup for the best company in breeding cannabisseeds. Homegrown Fantaseeds offer many high grated strains which won a lot of prices for example with the famous Blue Haze (cross of Haze and Bluebery), with the K2 (a White Widow x Hindu Kush cross) or with the well known and highly rated Top 44 (Skunk x Viking). Homegrown took many genetics which came from Positronics, Hollands first grow shop selling seeds, stabilized them for selling and they also used these genetics for creating new highquality hybrids. In 2004 Homegrown Fantaseeds introduced the Cheese strain (which is smelling intensive like Cheddar-cheese) to the world by entering and winning the Cannabis Cup for this strain. It was the first time Cheese ever won a price at a hempcup. All cannabisseeds by Homegrown are highly recommended, when you buy something created by this breeder you can not do anything wrong.

  • Model: HOM16
  • Manufactured by: Homegrown Fantaseeds

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Homegrown Fantaseeds

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