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Manufactured by: TGA Subcool

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(=€ 120,00  € 98,40)

Purgatory is a superb cross of Hells OG and Querkle, it is the best outdoorstrain you can imagine and the smell is absolutey incredible - the bouquet is a fantastic mix, ranging from lemon sweet tarts and tangerines to purple berry funk. These cannabisseeds are a pleasure to grow, they are very easy and they do extremely well outdoors - Purgatory is very resistant against mold and other diseases. If you search for an easy Indica for outdoors with great results...Purgatory is your strain! 10 seeds / pack

TGA Seeds is a very nice breeder formed in the year 2001 by a real small group of medical marihuanagrower to create medical strains which offer qualities high over the industry standards. TGA had the idea to do an "open source breeding" to get informations and datas from thousands of medical weed grower. With theese informations it was possible to create strains for people who are suffering from pain, nausea, anxiety, disorder, nervepain and chronic illness. We are realy proud to offer many different seeds by TGA such as Agent Orange, Cheesequake, Jack the Ripper, Apollo 13 or Marionberry Kush. It is worth trying a medical strain by TGA Seeds, we are sure that they have realy the best seeds available on planet earth.

  • Model: TGA57REG10
  • Manufactured by: TGA Subcool

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