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Hindiana 1 fem

Manufactured by: Seeds of Life

€ 5,00
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Cross of a very nice HinduKushIndica with the champion Big Low. Easy to grow and the fastest strain by Seeds of Life for sure. Real recommended for people who are searching for an automatic Hindu Kush strain. 1 fem seeds / pack

Seeds of Life is a breeder from Spain specialized in breeding giant autoflowering cannbisseeds - all different autostrains are showing an incredible growpower, they are very resistant to diseases, different types of pests and mold does not have any chance. Sol Haze, Big Low, Kabala, Hindiana and Nordika are the perfect weedseeds for outdoors, indoors or for greenhouses. Growing these genetics is absolutely easy, it is a pleasure for every gardener, also if you do not have any time except for giving some water these genetics will satisfy you with incredible perfumed scents. The autostrains by Spice of Life are produced with advanced technologies, with special feed software, with the Aeroponic System and with the perfect mix of nutrients.

  • Model: SLO03_fem1
  • Manufactured by: Seeds of Life

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