Shot Adrenaline 5 fem

Manufactured by: Samsara Seeds

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Shot Adrenaline has been bred based on an original genotype of White Dwarf x Skunk and later on recrossed in order to maintain its autoflowering pattern. The plant conserves the best Skunk organoleptic properties; smells like strawberry with a pineapple touch. A nice and sweet automatical strain for the guerilla grower. 5 fem seeds / pack

This breeder called Samsara Seeds is from Spain offering very nice feminized cannabisseeds of highest order. Samsara has already a big fanbase and they also won a few prizes over the last years, especially Spicy White Devil (which is a great automatic strain), Supersonic Cristal Storm, Jekyll Passion, Ultraviolet and Kiss Dragon are for sure of great quality. If you search for weedseeds that are very easy to grow this breeder is the right choice, Samsara Seeds will not let you down, it is a pleasure to grow each feminized seed they offer.