Tora Bora 6 fem

Manufactured by: Reserva Privada

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Tora Bora is a cross of a pure Afghan (LA) and a pure Pakistani (X18)! This cross is a mix of two legendary strains; LA & X18 are strong medical herbs and both have a history of relieving pain and helping patients with insomnia. 6 fem seeds / pack

This is an amazing breeder-collective located at the beautiful westcoast in the United States - Reserva Privada creates incredible cannabisseeds for grower, collectors and for patients who are searching for highend medicalseeds. This enterprise is protected by the medicinal laws in the states but still wants to remain nameless, that is why they sell their fantastic marijuanaseeds via DNA Genetics. The different strains they offer are for sure great and they are only bred by Reserva Privada, for example Kosher Kush, Sour Tangie, X18, Tora Bora or Headband - all offer a superb medical power, they are all easy to grow and recommended for every grower of every knowledge. Reserva Privada is one of the best westcoast-breeder, highly respected for the superb quality of hempseeds - real recommended for all grower who are searching for highend-stuff.