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Silver Princess Mc Jaggen

Manufactured by: Mc Nizzle Seeds

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This strain combines all the great facilities of the Jaggen (a very special unique and great pheno of the Jack Flash), the Cinderella 99 (C99) and the Super Silver Haze. Silver Princess McJaggen is a mostly sativa, a result of crossing a very unique Jack Flash phenotype called Jaggen (highly known and respected in middleurope) with the C99 and the Super Silver Haze. This cross was finaly inbreed 3 times with the original Jaggen.

Growing very sativish with an absolute fab smell you will never forget. SPMcJ shows two phenotypes in growin, a more sativa with best results and a mostly indicapheno which is also sometimes seeable but also this one will satisfy for sure. Definitely a strain for every collection, easy to grow as well with a superb smell and high medicinal power. 10 seeds / pack

Every customer who buys this nice Silver Princess McJaggen supports the DHV (Deutscher Hanfverband)

  • Model: MCN01
  • Manufactured by: Mc Nizzle Seeds

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Mc Nizzle Seeds

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