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Manufactured by: Devils Harvest

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Khufu (OG SFV x Kuchi Backcross) is growing like a pyramide - thats the cause for her name. A great plant, easy to grow with hints of oldschool kushsmells - something realy special which is also one of the fastest kushvariations you can get. 10 seeds / pack

Devils Harvest is based in the Netherlands and it was born of a simple desire: providing the best indica cannabisseeds possible for collectors and for grower of medical marijuana. All seeds bred by Devils Harvest are really fast, very reliable and the smell and bouquets are amazing. There are cannabisstrains which already won a few prizes at different cannabiscups for example Kuchi, OG Reekn, Shoreline or the highly respected and possible their best strain called Casey Jones. Cannabisseeds by Devils Harvest are all very easy to grow so also the novice grower can find the right plant he is searching for and we are very happy to offer theese seeds at our hempshop.

  • Model: DEV07
  • Manufactured by: Devils Harvest

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