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Jägg Kush 3 fem

Manufactured by: Delicious Seeds

€ 25,00
Sale: € 21,75
incl. 13% VAT

(=€ 25,00
Sale: € 21,75)

Jaegg Kush is an incredible great cross of the Warlock with the famous and legendary german clone called Jaggen created by Dr. Knospe. Jaggen is one of the most amazing Jack Flash phenotypes you can imagine, it is a very fast one that offers an incredible weight and an amazing quality.

If you grow Jaegg Kush you can be sure to get something realy special, these plants get so big that a supporting of the branches is highly recommended. The smell of this blend is powerful and awesome reminding on intensiv fruity lemons. Also if you want to grow it outdoors this is possible as well, Jaegg Kush is very mold resistant and it is also very easy to grow so you can also do it in guerilla style. This blend is one of the best that Delicious Seeds ever produced, you will love it and we are sure that it is a true keeper. 3 fem seeds / pack

A breeder from the beautiful area of Spain providing very nice feminized seeds (also known as Femaleseeds) and regular seeds in the big product line-up. All cannabisseeds by Delicious Seeds are smelling fantastic, they are realy unique and not comparable to most of the other hempstrains you can find on the big marketplace of hempseeds. Delicious is the gateway to the state of complete improvidence of sensations, they put all their work and all their skills in breeding new cannabisstrains to make every grower who is searching for great smelling genetics realy happy.

  • Model: DEL62_FEM3
  • Manufactured by: Delicious Seeds

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