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Moonshine Mass 1 fem

Manufactured by: Critical Mass Collective

€ 11,00
Sale: € 10,23
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(=€ 11,00
Sale: € 10,23)

A beautiful blend of a superb oldschool Moonshine Haze with the Monster Mass by the Critical Mass Collective. These cannabisseeds are smelling incredible like a blend of sharp Gin, sweet fruits and hazy pines, absolutely incredible and very delicious. Moonshine Mass is a strain for oldschoollovers, it is possible to grow indoors, in greenhouses and outdoors as well if you life in a moderate climatezone. Moonshine Mass is definitely a winnerstrain of highest order, one of the nicest oldschoolhybrids on the hempmarket. 1 fem seed / pack

In the year 2002 a grower from Arizona found a real special and great phenotype of the Critical Mass which he called Monster Mass because of the big size this phenotype offers. This guy shared the genetic over many years to other grower who were all really amazed by the quality this hempstrain shows. This is the origin of the breeder collective called Critical Mass Collective. Every strain has its base in this special phenotype which is absolutely amazing. This breeder offers automatic seeds and normal seeds in feminized form. Strains like Purple Skunk Mass or Auto Anonymass for example are very easy to grow, also the novice gardener gets great results with the cannabisseeds created by this enterprise.

  • Model: CMC10_fem1
  • Manufactured by: Critical Mass Collective

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