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Pakistan Chitral Kush

     Manufactured by: Cannabiogen

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The Pakistan Chitral Kush offers an excellent pure indica bred in the Iberian Peninsula since middle 90’s. This plant is an explosion of colours and scents with two phenotypes: a green one and another one with many nice colours. But both phenotypes produce plants with a high adaptability, fast time, generous production. The green phenotype may produce a bit more while the coloured one is a real show due to the forest fruits scents and the pink,red and purple colours that adopted when ripening. It is, without any doubt, one of the most beautiful cannabis indica expressions on planet earth. Pakistan Chitral is very resistand against fungus and rain, and also an exceptional breeding tool used to develop great f-hybrids. It's high is relaxing and the red and purple plants smell of wild straw- and blackberries. 

The collection of Cannabiogen is a result of more than twenty years of travelling and searching all around the world to find seeds of highest quality. Seeds from Colombia, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Jamaica or Panama were used for creating finest cannabisseeds for the grower. Cannabiogen offers many landraces, traditional native crops from around the world with unique genetics which should be preserved. The search for new stuff goes on and Cannabiogen will provide many more superb strains in future to make many grower realy happy.
  • Model: CAN08
  •      Manufactured by: Cannabiogen

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