Organic Gardeners

The Organic Gardeners Collectiv are true Ganja Family and Pheno Hunters our mission will be to bring the best Elite Strains... Classic Strains and Best Selected Phenos on the Market.We creating these unique Limited Genetics for true Herb Lovers... Medi Growers and Old/New School Heads... All Strains Selected by Us... Most of our Strains grown from Seeds and have Keeping the best Pheno... hope we can make them available for the best price you have seen in the Seed Business..., We make only 100% Regular Seeds, We Grow 100% Organic go the Way of Nature, We Grow only 100% Living Soil and Tea no Bottle Fertilizer. For Support Question Facebook:Organics Gardeners


Strains from Organic Gardeners

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Name of the strain
Chemtrails F1 indica/sativa ~63    
Cookies & Monsters indica/sativa ~67    
Critters indica/sativa ~63    
Eyeliner OG indica/sativa ~65    
Super Glue indica/sativa ~65    
Super Glue F2 indica/sativa ~60