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Strains from Natural Genetics Seeds

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Name of the strain
C 13 mostly sativa ~63    
Chem Choco Glue mostly indica ~63    
Cosmic Berry mostly indica ~63    
Creamy Cookies mostly indica ~63    
Devil Breath indica/sativa ~63    
Devil Cookies indica ~56 yes  
Devil Glue indica/sativa ~63    
Double Mint mostly indica ~63    
Gelato al Limone mostly indica ~56    
Glue Cherry sativa ~63    
Great Purple Shark indica/sativa ~63 yes  
H L C indica/sativa ~63    
Heartbeat Kush mostly indica ~63 yes  
Hellfire O.G. f2 mostly sativa ~63   yes
HStar mostly indica ~56    
Kush-G mostly indica ~63    
LemonBerry indica/sativa ~70 yes  
LemonStar mostly indica ~56    
Malana L HP indica/sativa ~70 yes  
Mandarine Cookies indica/sativa ~63 yes  
Milky Bud mostly indica ~63 yes  
Ohio LG mostly sativa ~70    
OHIO O.G. indica/sativa ~63    
Phantom Glue mostly indica ~63    
S L D indica/sativa ~70 yes  
Sage&Lemon mostly sativa ~70    
Star Warz O.G. mostly indica ~63    
Volcano mostly indica ~63