Mudro Seeds

The first experiments with breeding new varieties of products began in 2007 and were purely amateur character. The experimental results were given new resistant specimens, characterized by new and unique properties and characteristics., New instances are increasingly consistent with all the necessary qualities, providing domestic and Gruver poor receive quality genetics fundamentally new level. As a result, it was decided to organize a company., Since 2012 the company has been successfully operating in the Russian Federation countries, Ukraine and other countries. It has thousands of grateful customers, positive reviews and recommendations., Today MUDROSEEDS - a team of specialists who know and love their job. We are a relatively young company, which aim to achieve the best results and the conclusion of new strains for buyers with different tastes and requirements.


Strains from Mudro Seeds

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Name of the strain
Afghani #1 mostly indica ~60 yes yes
Auto Astarta ruderalis/indica/sativa ~84 yes yes
Auto Moxie ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70    
Diesel Ryder ruderalis/indica/sativa ~67    
Effing Day mostly sativa ~68   yes
Frutti Trips indica/sativa ~65   yes
Ganesh indica/sativa ~63    
Hawaii sativa ~85   yes
Mandalla indica/sativa ~60    
Mixed Pack ruderalis/indica/sativa ~60    
Mountain Kush indica ~60   yes
New MooN mostly indica ~60    
Ridick indica/sativa ~65   yes
Satori mostly sativa ~78