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Name of the strain
2046 (Medical Seeds) sativa ~115    
A.M.S. (Greenhouse) indica/sativa ~60    
Actual C99 Cinderella sativa ~60    
Afghani #1 Sensi Seeds indica ~50    
Afghani (Homegrown Fantaseeds) indica ~60    
Afghani Erpurt (Zenseeds) mostly indica ~48    
African Free (Eva Seeds) indica/sativa ~65    
Allkush (ParadiseSeeds) mostly indica ~58    
Amethyst Bud (Soma) mostly indica ~66    
Amnesia #5 (Zenseeds) mostly sativa ~75    
Amnesia Haze (RoyalQueen) mostly sativa ~84    
Amnesia Haze (Soma) mostly indica ~84    
AmnesiaHaze (SomaSeeds) mostly sativa ~84    
Angel Heart (Mr. Nice) mostly sativa ~65    
Arjans Haze #1 5fem (Greenhouse) mostly sativa ~77    
Arjans Haze #2 (Greenhouse) sativa ~67    
Arjans Haze #3 (Greenhouse) sativa ~74    
Arjans Strawberry Haze (Greenhouse) sativa ~70    
Armageddon 5 fem (Homegrown) mostly sativa ~53    
Arnes Power Haze (Zenseeds) mostly sativa ~65    
Atomical Haze (ParadiseSeeds) mostly sativa ~63    
Australian Blue (Homegrown) mostly sativa ~73    
Auto AK 47 (Lowlife) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~56    
Auto AK47 x Auto Blueberry F1 (Lowlife) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70    
Auto AK47 x Diesel 5fem (Lowlife) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70    
Auto AK47x Auto HinduKush (Lowlife) ruderalis/indica ~70    
Auto Blueberry (Lowlife) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70    
Auto Great White Shark (Lowlife) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70    
Auto Hindu Kush (Lowlife) ruderalis/indica ~56    
Auto Hindu Kush 5fem (Lowlife) ruderalis/indica ~56    
Auto Lemon Skunk (Lowlife) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70    
Auto Lemon Skunk 5fem (Lowlife) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70    
Auto White Russian/Moscow (Lowlife) ruderalis/indica ~70    
Auto White Widow (Lowlife) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70    
Auto WhiteBerry (ParadiseSeeds) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~63    
AutoBlueberry (Lowlife) ruderalis/indica ~70    
Automatic Jack (Femaleseeds) ruderalis/sativa ~74    
Avalon 5 reg Next Generation mostly indica ~55    
Bay 11 (Grand Daddy) sativa ~67    
BC Mango mostly indica ~55    
Betty Boo 10fem (JointDoctor) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~58    
Biddy Early (MagusGenetics) mostly sativa ~55    
Big Bomb (Bomb Seeds) indica/sativa ~63    
Big Bud (Hemcy) indica/sativa ~56    
Big Bud 10fem Sensi mostly indica ~55    
Big Kahuna (Soma) mostly indica ~56    
Black Domina Sensi indica ~50    
Black Sugar 10fem (Femaleseeds) mostly indica ~65    
Black Sugar 4fem (Femaleseeds) mostly indica ~62    
Blue Hell (MedicalSeeds) mostly indica ~67    
Blue Himalaya Auto 5fem (ShortStuff) ruderalis/indica ~63    
Blue Tops mostly indica ~50    
Blue Widow (Dinafem) mostly indica ~53    
Brains Choice (KC Brains) indica/sativa ~63    
Bubble Diesel (Zenseeds) mostly sativa ~65    
Bubblegum (TH Seeds) mostly sativa ~58    
Bushmans (OriginSeeds) sativa ~50    
Bushmans x Jaggen x Haze Special (Origin) mostly sativa ~70    
C99 F2 from BrosGrimm mostly sativa ~55    
C99 fem (Femaleseeds) sativa ~50    
C99 Hybrid (Femaleseeds) mostly sativa ~56    
Cheese #1 mostly sativa ~67    
Cheese #1 (Kaliman) mostly sativa ~67   yes
Cheese Tease (Kaliman) mostly sativa ~67    
Cheez Wreck 5fem (Sagarmatha) indica/sativa ~58    
Chem #4 x OTM #1 (Moscaseeds) indica/sativa ~63    
Cinderella 99 BX1 (MoscaSeeds) sativa ~55    
Citralah (SomaSeeds) mostly indica ~63    
Citrus (Kannabia) mostly sativa ~56   yes
Congo mostly sativa ~74    
Congo (ACE Seeds) mostly sativa ~74    
Copenhagen Kush 7fem (Zenseeds) mostly indica ~60    
Cristal Limit (KC Brains) mostly indica ~66    
Critical Skunk (Mr. Nice) indica/sativa ~49    
Crystal Mix (Kannabia) indica/sativa ~65    
Da Purps (TH Seeds) mostly indica ~66   yes
Danish Gold mostly indica ~50    
Deep Purple (TGA Subcool) mostly indica ~55    
Dieselryder (Zenseeds) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~80    
Domina Haze (Kannabia) mostly sativa ~63    
Double Bubbe Berry (by Sagarmatha) mostly indica ~53    
Double Dutch (MagusGenetics) mostly indica ~60   yes
Double Gum (White Label) indica ~48    
Dreamtime indica/sativa ~65    
Dreamtime (Mr. Nice) indica/sativa ~65    
Durban Poison (Hemcy) indica/sativa ~60    
Early Girl (Highquality) indica/sativa ~49    
Early Skunk (Sensi) mostly indica ~53    
Eclipse (HomegrownFantaseeds) mostly sativa ~60    
Erdbeerli reg (OriginSeeds) mostly sativa ~55    
Erdpurt mostly indica ~56    
Erebeerli Origin Seeds mostly sativa ~52    
Extreme Indica (Femaleseeds) mostly indica ~60    
Fruity Juice (SensiSeeds) indica/sativa ~55    
G13 Project (Zenseeds) indica/sativa ~70    
G13 x Hashplant 2 mostly indica ~55    
G13 x Haze (Seedsman) mostly sativa ~75    
Galaxy (Pyramid) mostly indica ~58    
Grand Daddy Purp (Grand Daddy) mostly indica ~77    
Grapefruit Kush 5 reg Next Generation mostly indica ~55    
GrapeGod (NextGeneration) mostly indica ~50    
Greener Erdpurt (Zenseeds) mostly indica ~50    
Haleys Comet indica/sativa ~57    
Haleys Comet (Flying Dutchmen) mostly sativa ~53    
Happy Smile 5 fem (EarthSeeds) mostly sativa ~65    
Himalaya Blue diesel (ShortStuff) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~63    
Hindu Kush (Hemcy) mostly indica ~70    
Ice Cream 3fem (Paradise) indica ~60    
Iced Grapefruit mostly indica ~50   yes
Indian Haze aka Haze Mist sativa ~75    
Jack Herer (Black Label) mostly sativa ~70    
Jack La Mota 5 fem mostly sativa ~70    
Jamaica (Hemcy) mostly sativa ~63    
Jock Horror Automatic 5fem (Sativa Seedbank) ruderalis/sativa ~75    
Jungle Jerry's Haze mostly sativa ~70    
Kahuna (Soma) indica ~67    
Kali Mist (Serious) mostly sativa ~80    
Kamamist sativa ~70    
Kamamist (HomegrownFantaseeds) sativa ~70    
KC 42 (KC Brains) mostly sativa ~73    
KC33 x MasterKush (Nirvana) mostly indica ~50    
Kerala Krush (Flying Dutchmen) mostly sativa ~70    
Kilimanjaro (Soma) mostly indica ~66    
Kings Kush (Greenhouse) mostly indica ~63    
Kiwiskunk (Kiwi Seeds) indica/sativa ~55    
Lala Haze mostly sativa ~70    
Laos Sativa (OriginSeeds) sativa ~70    
Lavender (Soma) mostly indica ~60    
Lemonator (Next Generation) indica/sativa ~60    
Lennon (Pyramid) mostly sativa ~80    
Mach Fly - Moscaseeds mostly indica ~58    
Mako Haze (KiwiSeeds) mostly sativa ~80    
Malawi Gold (Hemcy) mostly sativa ~70    
Mango Haze (Mr. Nice) mostly sativa ~66    
Marleys Cheese (Kaliman) mostly sativa ~67    
Maroc 10fem (Femaleseeds) indica/sativa ~50    
Master Kush (White Label) indica ~53    
Mazar 5fem (Dutch Passion) mostly indica ~60   yes
Mi5 (Short Stuff) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~67    
Millenium (Homegrown Fantaseeds) mostly indica ~60    
Mount Cook (Kiwi Seeds) mostly indica ~58    
Mr Bubble (TH Seeds) indica/sativa ~68    
Nevilles Haze (Black Label) mostly sativa ~90    
Nevilles Haze (Greenhouse) sativa ~91    
New York City (Pyramid) mostly sativa ~68    
New York City Diesel (Soma) mostly sativa ~77    
Nigerian Afghan (Afropips) indica/sativa ~70    
NL5 x Haze 5fem (FinestMedicinal) mostly sativa ~70    
No Name (Medical Seeds) mostly indica ~58   yes
Northern Light fem 10 Femaleseeds mostly indica ~55    
Northern Light fem 4 mostly indica ~55    
Northern Lights # 5 x Haze 3fem (Sensi) mostly sativa ~80    
Northern Lights (White Label) indica ~48    
NYC Diesel SOMA indica/sativa ~55    
Old Time Indiana Bubble Gum (MoscaSeeds) mostly indica ~56    
Ole 47 (Black Label) indica/sativa ~56    
Opium (ParadiseSeeds) indica/sativa ~60    
Orig. White Widow IBL (Paradise) indica/sativa ~60    
Original Haze (Hemcy) sativa ~70    
Pahari Farmhouse sativa ~80    
Pakistan Chitral Kush indica ~50    
Peace Maker (FinestMedicinalSeeds) indica/sativa ~53    
Perun indica/sativa ~70    
Phatt Fruity 10 fem (Barney) mostly indica ~55    
Pinapple Chunk fem (Barney) indica ~63    
Pineapple Chunk (Barney) mostly indica ~58    
Pineapple Kush 7fem (Zenseeds) indica ~55    
Power Malawi (Afropips) indica/sativa ~80    
Raw Diesel fem (G13 Labs) indica/sativa ~55    
Reclining Buddha (Soma) mostly indica ~63    
Reeferman G13 x Hashplant 2 mostly sativa ~55    
Ripped Bubba (TGA Subcool) mostly indica ~58    
Rock Bud (Soma) mostly indica ~63    
Rocksters Cheese (Kaliman) mostly sativa ~67    
Romulan Diesel (NextGeneration) indica/sativa ~53    
Royal Dane (Zenseeds) mostly indica ~50    
Russian Rocket Fuel (Short Stuff) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~63    
Santa Maria F8 (NoMercySupply) mostly sativa ~60    
Satin mostly indica ~65    
Sensi Star (BlackLabel) mostly indica ~56    
Shark aka Tiburon (Pyramid) mostly indica ~63    
SharkBite (Short Stuff) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~60    
Sheherazade (Paradise) mostly indica ~56    
Silver Princess McJaggen (McNizzle) mostly sativa ~75    
Skunk 3 x A2 (Hemcy) indica/sativa ~63    
Skunk Auto (White Label) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~91    
Skunk Haze aka Fuma Con Diablos mostly sativa ~75    
Snow Ryder (White Label) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~80    
Snowdawg II (Alphakronik) mostly indica ~55    
Somango (Soma) mostly indica ~66    
Somanna (Soma) indica/sativa ~60    
Somativa (Soma) mostly indica ~63    
Sour Libanon mostly indica ~53    
SP Grapefruit 5fem (Alpine) indica/sativa ~65    
SpaceDawg (TGA Subcool) mostly sativa ~65    
SpaceJill (TGA Subcool) mostly sativa ~55    
Stinky Pinky (TH Seeds) indica ~60    
Sudden Flower 47 3fem (EarthSeeds) ruderalis/indica ~70    
Sudden Flower 47 5fem (EarthSeeds) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70    
Super Bud (Greenhouse) mostly indica ~56    
Super Chrystal (Homegrown) mostly indica ~56    
Super Critical (Greenhouse) mostly indica ~56    
Super Silver Haze (Mr. Nice) indica/sativa ~63    
Super Skunk (Hemcy) indica/sativa ~70    
Super Skunk (White Label) mostly indica ~48    
Super Skunk 5 fem (WhiteLable) mostly indica ~50    
Super Skunk Auto (White Label) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~91    
Swazi x Skunk (Highquality) mostly sativa ~70    
Sweet Cheese (Sweet Seeds) mostly sativa ~63    
Sweet Dreams (KC Brains) indica/sativa ~63    
Sweet Haze (DNA) mostly sativa ~75    
Sweet Pink Grapefruit fem mostly indica ~65    
Sweet Tai (Sweet Seeds) mostly sativa ~63    
Sweet Tooth mostly indica ~55    
Sweet White Malawi (Afropips) indica/sativa ~70    
Swiss Cheese (Nirvana) mostly sativa ~53    
Tasman Haze mostly sativa ~65    
Texada Timewarp (BC Bud Depot) mostly sativa ~80    
The Doctor 5fem (Greenhouse) mostly indica ~60    
The Hog (TH Seeds) mostly sativa ~58    
The Pure (Flying Dutchmen) mostly sativa ~56    
TheRealMcCoy (Flying Dutchmen) mostly sativa ~77    
Timewarp 5 reg Next Generation mostly indica ~45    
Tsi Fly - Moscaseeds mostly indica ~55    
Tutankhamon (Pyramid) mostly sativa ~63    
Ultimate Thai (Hemcy) mostly sativa ~70    
Vertigo fem (Paradise) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~60    
Warlock (Magus Genetics) mostly indica ~57    
White Diesel (White Label) indica/sativa ~58    
White Domina (Kannabia) mostly indica ~60    
White Island (KiwiSeeds) mostly sativa ~65    
White Widow (White Label) indica/sativa ~58    
White Widow 5fem (Seedsman) indica/sativa ~60    
Widowrella (Femaleseeds) indica/sativa ~56    
Widowrella 5 fem mostly sativa ~55    
Willie Nelson (Reeferman) sativa ~84    
Yummy (ResinSeeds) mostly sativa ~67